Pre-order: Middlewhite Pig box
Pre-order: Middlewhite Pig box
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Pre-order: Middlewhite Pig box

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As seems to be the norm here, the Summer is running away. The farm chores never-ending, animals abound, ceaseless processing and an ever-growing to do list in the garden. It has, indeed, been a busy time.

Amid the bustle we are excited to kick things off with the next run of Middlewhite Pig & Provisions boxes which are now available to pre-order for delivery on Thursday 1st October.

This provisions box includes:

Roasting joint

This joint is ideal for roasting. We have scored the skin to help generate some crackling. Liberally salt ahead of cooking.

Breakfast Sausages

A traditional breakfast sausage made with the legs and back fat from our pigs and sourdough breadcrumbs from our bakery. Contains gluten

Farmhouse Belly Bacon

We have cured this bacon for four days with Cornish Sea Salt, molasses, some of our dried herbs, and a blend of very fine spices from The Vinegar Shed.

Smoked Sausage

A fine hot smoked sausage that can be eaten cold or hot. To eat hot, simply roast or cook on the grill.

Loin Chops

A few chops, prepped and ready to go. Simply grill or pan roast. Best served pink, and we recommend bringing the chop to room temperature before cooking. It will help produce an even cook.


Confit pork belly, picked and set. Ready to spread on toast.


Our Jersey cow cream is clotted and then churned as per the traditional Cornish way.

Country Sourdough Bread

Organic British grains, milled and baked in house. Contains Gluten

Country Style Pate

A traditional country pate, made from the livers of our pigs, plenty of pork belly and back fat. We add confit onions, garlic and herbs from the garden, a good few bottles of white wine, some of our eggs, and then gently cook in bain-marie. Ideally eat with a good loaf and more wine.