Coombeshead Essentials

Coombeshead Essentials

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Showcasing the best of the farm, right now.

Throughout the year, as the work of the farm and kitchen waxes and wains, we always endeavour to make the most of what the land can give to us, in the most sustainable and responsible manner possible. As the seasons change, so does the output of the farm.

As such, the contents of this box will follow such a cycle, but you'll always find it chock full of our favourite pickles, ferments and preserves, a slice of charcuterie or two and something from the Bakery. Much like a trip to the Farm itself, this will all be accompanied by a bottle of something from one of our friends to help wash it all down. At the moment, the contents include:

  • Ready to eat, pre-sliced Air Dried Mangalitza Belly
  • The traditional Cornish Breakfast Sausage, Hog's Pudding
  • A traditional Pork Pie
  • A jar of our rich Mangalitza Rillette
  • A loaf of Ben's Country Sourdough Bread
  • A jar of beautiful sweet and sour Turmeric Daikon Pickles
  • A jar of versatile Crab Apple & Medlar Membrillo
  • An off-dry sparkling cider from Smith Hayne Orchards