Middlewhite Bath Chaps

Middlewhite Bath Chaps

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They have long been regarded as a West Country delicacy. In the 19th century meat from both upper and lower jaws was used, though the lower, which contained the tongue, sold at twice the price of the upper. Once the reserve of many a butcher, the bath chap is now a less common sight. The heads from our Middlewhite pigs are boned, rolled and tied into a neat joint. We then brine the bath chap for a week with plenty of bay and allspice, before braising gently in stock until soft and yielding. We store the chaps in their braising liquor. Thay can be roasted whole as a joint, or sliced thin and served as per a cooked ham. Traditionally thick slices would be breaded and fried. A whole chap should feed 4-6 people comfortably.