Pre-order: Hebridean Sheep box

Pre-order: Hebridean Sheep box

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Delivery: Thursday 5th November.

Until now the reserve of guests to the farmhouse and restaurant, we are now offering a small number of Hebridean Sheep boxes from a select few of our 3-4 year old animals. We will be processing the animals on site, and ageing the main primal cuts for a fortnight, whilst the team go to work on sausage and sauce production.

With the help of the garden and larder, we hope they provide a welcome addition to the home kitchen with an offering that should keep you going for a good few weeks.

This provisions box includes:


This joint is ideal for roasting. Liberally salt ahead of cooking.

Boneless Rump

A great joint to be grilled.

Rolled Breast

A neat rolled joint ideal for slow roasting or braising.

Smoked Mutton Sausage

A fine hot smoked sausage that can be eaten cold or hot. To eat hot, simply roast or cook on the grill. Made with the back legs of the mutton, along with some Red Devon beef and some of our pork fat. Contains gluten

Fresh Spiced Mutton Sausage

A simple banger made with the back legs of the mutton, and fortified with our pork fat and sourdough breadcrumbs. Contains Gluten

Rolled Leg Joint

Classic roasting joint, tied and ready to go.

Rolled Shoulder

One of the most versatile joints on the animal. Suitable for slow roasting or braising until unctuous an soft, or roasting hard and serving pink. We have boned and tied the shoulder for convenience.

Mutton Sauce

A heady sauce made from all the bones of the animal and a good few bottles of white wine.

Wild Garlic, Lovage & Rosemary Salt

Dried herbs from the farm, blended with Cornish Sea Salt. Liberally season your mutton joints with it before cooking.

Preserved Turnip Tops & Wet Garlic

We take the tops from our turnips and kohlrabi, lightly blanch then braise in plenty of good vinegar, rapeseed oil, and a good few heads of our young garlic. Ideal with mutton. Best warmed through.

Roast Garlic & Miso Dressing

This year’s elephant garlic slowly confit in rapeseed oil, then blended with farm vinegar, and our pumpkin miso. Makes for a great salty condiment to your roast or grilled mutton.