The Big Box
The Big Box
The Big Box
The Big Box
The Big Box
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The Big Box

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A big box for a big Christmas. This box has been designed to sate a household from Christmas eve through to Boxing day with one of our ducks the mainstay of Christmas day.

The box contains:

Aylesbury, Prune & Mangalitza Pie

A mighty pie, enough to feed 12, or a household over the Christmas period. A farce made with the shoulders from our Mangalitza pigs, lardo, and the thighs from our Aylesbury ducks. Bound in the farce are the confit gizzards from these birds. We have been steeping dried plums from the orchard in Somerset cider brandy over the Autumn and Winter and these can be found studded throughout. Best eaten with brown sauce and an ale.

A Whole Duck

We rarely sell whole ducks but it seems fitting to do so for the festive period. They come simply drawn and ready for the Christmas oven. These ducks have been aged for 10 days, the giblets having been made fresh into your pate and pie, and the necks confit for your rillette.

Pickled Red Cabbage

Our red Kalibos Cabbage, shredded and lightly pickled in red wine vinegar, bay, honey, allspice and nutmeg. A fine companion to your duck. Can be eaten as is or folded through some braised red cabbage to add some piquancy.

Glazed Ham - Boneless Rolled Shoulder (2-3kg)

We have been keeping back a small herd of our Middlewhite pigs just for Christmas. We began the ham making process in November, in a brine of molasses, sea salt, bay and a heady amount of Vinegar Shed spices. We have removed the skin (which we have reserved for you to use for a nice stock or soup), scored the fat and studded it with cloves, ready to be glazed and served. We are sending this ham with a crab apple and rowan berry glaze if you so wish. Would be equally delicious glazed with mustard & brown sugar. The ham has been cooked so can be eaten straight away if desired, but best glazed and served warm.

Ham Glaze

A loose jelly made from crab apple and rowan. Ideally to be brushed on the ham before roasting.

Crab Apple Gin (50cl)

A suitably festive gin made from our honey & crab apples. Distilled and made by Lottie's uncle at Mews Gin in Surrey.

Whitecurrant & Crab Apple Membrillo

Made with the pulp from the jelly making process. Whilst traditionally served with cheese, this membrillo is ideal for pate, rillette, and even a pork pie.

2 x Coombeshead Country Sourdough Bread

Organic British grains, milled and baked in house. Contains Gluten

Malt Loaf

Until now, the reserve of the farm breakfast, Bens maltloaf is naturally leavened and sweetened only by the natural malting process. Packed with soaked prunes, sultanas and currents, it is a thing of great joy, and will easily last a fortnight. Best served toasted with a slab of butter and plenty of pate.

2 x 250g Butter

Our Jersey cow cream is clotted and then churned as per the traditional Cornish way.

Game Bird Festive Pate

Made in a country style with coarse minced duck and mallard livers, lardo, Mangalitza pork, plenty of wine and brandy, and confit onions.


A rillette made from the confit duck necks and Mangalitza belly. Contains Pork.

Breakfast Sausages (1kg)

The traditional Breakfast Banger, made from our Middlewhite pigs, Sourdough breadcrumbs from the bakery, and spices sourced from The Vinegar Shed.

Smoked Bacon (500g)

Cured for four days with Cornish Sea Salt, molasses, some of our dried herbs, and a blend of very fine spices from The Vinegar Shed.

Brown Sauce

Made with our apples & plums from the orchard, last years crab apple jelly, a host of spices from The Vinegar Shed, and a liberal dose of our cider vinegar, this brown sauce is a welcome condiment for any sausage, pork pie or cheese. We serve it with our bacon and sausages for breakfast.