Shop & Courtyard Cafe

Open Thursday  - Sunday 10am to 5pm

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Our Farm Shop

Whether it be for simply a  quick coffee  and cake, a pork pie and a beer, a plate of ham and a cold glass of wine, or simply a full blown assault on our  larder, in order to restock yours, the  Courtyard is  open to anyone who wants to enjoy a little slice of the farm. 

In our Shop you'll find all manner of produce made on the farm, from the animals and vegetables grown and reared in our fields. That means a healthy supply of pies, pickles, bacon and sausages alongside a freshly baked sourdough loaf or two. The shelves even have space for the odd pantry staple, and some of our favourite wines, ales & ciders  made by friends near and far. 

For those in  need of a little sustenance,  throughout the day we also serve a simple menu  of delicious things to share. Just like all things on the farm,  what we offer shifts with the seasons and the cycles of the land. If you'd like to do some advanced planning, do take a look at  an example below. 

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