Our  Poultry

A chicken on a Mound of Earth


Due to avian restrictions we only farm chickens through summer and early Autumn, finishing our first birds in late May right through to October. 

We produce two principal breeds of chicken: a Naked Neck and a Gauloise. Two slow growing French breeds that produce excellent meat birds at 4 months of age. 

Naked Neck - a breed of chicken, although technically a sub-species of turkey, naturally devoid of feathers on its head and neck, revered for its meat across France. 

Gauloise - The Bresse Gauloise is a French breed of domestic chicken. It originates in the historic region of Bresse, in eastern France. Because of legal restrictions on the use of the name, only white chickens raised within that area may be called "Bresse"; outside it, they are given the name "Gauloise";

Our chickens live predominantly between a large area of coppiced woodland, and perennial herbal ley in our open Copse field. 

They are fed an organic soya-free diet of grains and pulses grown by Fred Price. 

We slaughter our chickens in batches before ageing for 5 days. In order to maintain efficiency and reduce wastage in what is an extensive and expensive system, when they are available to purchase in the shop, they are available frozen only.