Our Land & Management Approach

Looking at a Map of the Grounds

We have 66 acres on site. Our aim is to ensure that we leave the land in the best possible state for the generations to follow. Over the years to come, we aim to replant, restore and replenish the land we have taken on. It is a long journey but an exciting one. 


We are a small diverse farm of mixed perennial pastures, meadow and woodland. It suits a diversity of species which is now what you find throughout the land here. To do this effectively, we now operate a farmshare on our land, a cooperative model of sorts, that brings like minded farmers into the fold to share inputs & outputs. A farmshare is a wonderful thing. With our pigs, beef and lamb, we now share the workload, share knowledge, share access to market, share liability and risk. The product is better as a result, as is the journey to get there, as is the price for you. 

Working with fantastic product and having control over its journey to the kitchen & shop has always been paramount. Over the past years we have listened more to the needs of the land. In our first years the hellbent desire to produce the best pigs possible led us to farming through porcine tinted lenses. It was all we did for several years. But we had to change.