Our Pigs

A stack of little Pigs

We now breed our pigs at the farm. It is too small a farm to operate a full finishing system 365 without having adverse effects on the ecosystem and land. At 10 weeks we wean our piglets and send them to Fred Price at Gothelney Farm, a shining light in a new wave of restorative / regenerative agriculture in the UK. He's long been supplying the bakery with heritage grain, and supplying our pig & poultry feed, and now he is finishing our pigs in the most amazing manner.

We breed Mangalitza & Middlewhite Pigs at the farm, producing in the region of 30-40 pigs per year that sustain the restaurant and the shop in various forms.

Ours sows spend the majority of their life outside in the woodlands, foraging and grazing. They are fed a supplementary feed of fermented organic grains and peas.