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Thank you for booking a room at Coombeshead. You can use this page to reserve new or additional tables during your stay. Please note that the restaurant operates on a reservation only basis. 

Our full set dinner will begin promptly at 7pm each night in the restaurant. If you are booking a light dinner for another night of your stay, you will have the option to choose from two light dinner sittings.

Light dinners are available for guests staying at the farm and consist of a simple plat du jour and sides. This will suit those staying multiple nights who are eating our full set dinner on another night, or those who perhaps prefer to have a lavish lunch followed by a small supper. On Wednesday and Sunday you will be seated in the restaurant, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday you will be seated in our Courtyard Cafe.

The lunch and dinner offering changes regularly depending on the season and what the farm is producing. We endeavour to be responsible for as much of the menu as possible, rearing pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, guinea fowl and ducks at the farm in a sustainable and responsible manner, along with all of the vegetables and fruit that come into the kitchen. As such, we rarely bring fish and shellfish into the kitchen so if you are pescatarian please expect a vegetarian menu.

Please note that we are only able to cater for medical allergies and dietary requirements and are unable to accommodate preferences. Due to the onsite milling & flour production in the bakery, we cannot comfortably advise those who suffer from Coeliac disease to dine with us.


Service is not included and entirely optional. All gratuity and service is distributed equally between members of staff.