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With a valley full of ducks, jars & jellies stacked high, mincemeat mingling, cabbages pickling, and a herd of pigs flexing their hams, we feel excited to bring our farm and kitchen to the festive household. As ever, in our endeavour to farm our animals and grow our produce in a responsible and extensive manner, availability is limited.

Our Christmas Guarantee

We know how important the Christmas period is for everyone and we will be doing everything in our power to ensure your Christmas provisions arrive in peak condition just before Christmas. As such, Christmas pre-orders will be delivered on the 22nd or 23rd of December, the choice of which is yours. If, heaven forbid there are any complications, boxes will be redelivered on the 24th. We will be in production right up to these dates in order to ensure all Christmas items are absolutely fresh and have the maximum shelf life.

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Additional items

If you are buying one of the Christmas items shown above you can add any of the following items to your order so that they arrive in one delivery. Please bear in mind that any items not shown on this page cannot be added to a christmas pre-order.

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